Sierra Readymix (Pvt.) Ltd. is geared to manufacture & supply quality ready-mix concrete to the construction industry. To achieve this goal we inspect all incoming material for quality & carryout necessary tests in our in-house laboratory. Our plant, machinery and equipment are maintained in good order in our own workshop to maintain the quality of the product consistently. We train our staff from time to time and issue certificates to add more quality to our products. We are committed to maintain our quality management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard and continually improve its effectiveness. With our commited staff and with our well trained employees the Company achieved the ISO 9001 – 2008 standarded in 2010.

The company has also introduced the 5 ‘S’ system, productivity improvement activities, generating new ideas ‘Kiesen’ through motivation of employees and training on productivity. We also received merit awards for the medium manufacturing sector for Productivity in the years 2008 and 2009. We are proud to say that this is the only Ready-mix Company in Sri Lanka to receive the productivity awards.




  • This plant uses only Portland cement to manufacture Ready-mix Concrete.
  • The Cement is delivered to the Plant, in their Bulk Carriers and pumped to our two 100 Ton Capacity Silos.
  • We have received test certificates from the two different suppliers of each batch, to certify the quality. 


  • All our aggregates are obtained from various leading suppliers.
  • W.A.Perera & Co. Ltd is one of our major suppliers, who happened to be a reputed supplier of aggregate which has been accepted by many consultants.
  • Their rock is of high quality, and because the final product passes through cone crushers, the aggregate produced is roundest, and the thereby reduces the flaky partials.
  • Sieve analysis has been carried out as per BS 882 1992 for each batch of delivery at our in-house Laboratory and is adjusted where necessary to the mix design. Samples were also tested at RDA Laboratory for Flakiness Index.

c. SAND :

  • River sand is supplied from one reliable Bulk Supplier who delivers from one source, thereby maintaining the consistency of the material to a great extent. Sand is being sieved at the Plant t remove pebbles.
  • Sieve analysis is carried out as per BS 882 1992 randomly and gradation curves are plotted to check any variances.

d. WATER :

  • Portable water is used for the manufacture of Concrete which comes from two sources – One is being from a large well and the other is from the National Water Supply and Drainage Board.


  • Our Lab Technician, who has over ten years of experience in leading Batching Plants, caries out all the incoming material inspections and also supervises the mixing of Concrete,.
  • He carries out the moisture test before commencing the work and feeds the date to the Computer, which automatically adjusts the water cement ratio.
  • He then advises the Plant Operators (Who also have more than 10 years experience in computerized plants) for the concrete mix.
  • Slump tests are carried out for each truck and cubes are casted at site.
  • Slump test results are recorded in a Log Book which is maintained at the Plant Laboratory. The Cubes are removed the following day, cured properly and taken for testing on the due dates.
  • A random consistency test is also carried out on mixed Concrete to ascertain the concrete is homogeneously mixed at the plant. Regular inspection is also carried out on the mixer and necessary adjustments are made on the Plant. Worn out mixer blades are removed and replaced with new ones for proper mixing.
  • Al our Staff has been educated through LRCA (Lanka Readymix Concrete Association) Training and Workshops.




  • The Batching Plant was calibrated by Integrated Systems who has the license to do calibrations and have been certified correct.
  • The above procedures are carried out accurately by our experienced staff members including the under signed who has many years of experience on ISO Certified Plants.
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Head Office

Temple burg Industrial Zone -Stage 11,
Plot No. W,Panagoda,Homagama.
Tel:  0094 11 2 752181,0094 11 5734834
Fax: 0094 11 2 2752999


Hot Line: 071-4306775/6

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